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An enthusiastic and elegant model-Trisha

Trisha is petite, slim, with gleaming hair and a svelte and perfectly toned body to be bikini models in pune first. Her stock must be noble as her bone structure and fair skin are fine, elegant and regal. With her experience she has learned to make the most of her features to be the most enterprising opportunist. She loves to dance and sport and excelled in both, pride of our modelling agency already. Her fabulous body, steely determination is a bonus for her success in the world of modeling.

A Glamour Girl with added passion

This exclusive model is waiting to surprise you with her all-round appeal and her passionate nature. With a diverse and educated background, with her regal demeanour and can-do attitude. She is a rare gem in modelling business like this. A dancer, a sportswoman, with wow factor for bikini models wanted in pune. She is elegant, has a keen sense of style and relies on her own impeccable taste. And this deluxe model is also well educated, loves to read biographies because she is so interested in people and loves to travel.

Coming to pune is an experience in itself for her to be most popular lingerie models in pune. Her modern side is dynamic, engaging and vivacious. She will keep you captivated with her body language, her bright conversation, ebullient wit and sparkling eyes. She loves the idea of fraternizing with the elite, mixing with the creme de la creme with appreciation. She is a real beauty, seductive in her own way, promising style with creative moments ahead of struggle to be most wanted lingerie models in pune.

So, do you fancy the most beautiful mode to make your shoot memorable one. Trisha is a beautiful and luscious model with a sharp brain, curvy and sexy body which is elegant to entice you. She is always been into learning new experiences. She is a very calm and charming sort of model. Rather first choice for bikini modelling jobs in pune with the modelling companions in pune. She also loves to dress sexy, feminine and will not hesitate to show off her beauty. She is a very romantic girl certainly would loves to discover herself and gain more life experiences. However, she also enjoys beauty in any form that she can, from sexy shoes to even sultry lingerie to feel sexy and heighten her sex appeal. She is one of the most fun model when it comes many different levels to go for lingerie modelling jobs in pune. She is also loves to be playful, huge fan of Italian cuisine and music. Most of all, however, she loves loving and discovery, making her a famous model that will leave you wanting for more.

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